Walter Koemig

Six paintings
and 1 wall

Exhibition at Tito Puente’s garden (110th 
Street and Madison Avenue), New York. 

Some of the paintings where used in
WaKo, A Truly Happened Fantasy Story”.

Quote: "It was one of the exhibition Six Paintings and 1wall. My first one in New York. Three months of work and over 52 feet of art. Jurgen (“You can drink and smoke but stop acting like a comedian”) took care of the music and Angel was the doorman. We had nine visitors, seven of whom had come to see Jurgen about something very different. One had fallen for one of Angel’s pick-up lines (“Hi, Honey”) and the last one was lost. “If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere.”

Provenance: Google Streetview

“I want to be a part”
24" x 48" / 60,69 x 121,92 cm
New York, 2008
(Bigger picture)

For Brother Dale
20 x 18” / 50,8 x 45,72 cm
New York, 2008 


31 x 11,5” / 78,74 x 29,21 cm
New York, 2008


110th Street